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When children thrive, families flourish.

Hello You understands the challenges, fears, hopes, and joys of raising a child with autism.

We’re here to support your journey with autism and bring more joyful moments to your family, as well as help you navigate the challenging ones. We also support children with Global Developmental Delay and co-existing diagnoses, which may be physical, mental, or developmental.


Through intense personal attention, we deliver engaging therapy that’s customised to your child’s unique needs, preferences, and personality (and we include parents at every step!).

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Anna Mouton, Director & Therapist

“With 13 years’ experience as a Special Education and Inclusive Education Teacher, it was heartbreaking to see exhausted parents driving children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to multiple therapy sessions, only to see they aren’t making much progress.

I knew Hello You Autism Services had to be different. Using a “keyworker” model with a single point of contact, the therapy experience becomes significantly more effective and enjoyable. Thanks to our transdisciplinary Therapists, therapy with Hello You:

  • Saves time by minimising the number of therapy appointments (we do it all in one place!).
  • Reduces stress for parents.
  • Provides long-lasting results that the child can apply in the home, schoolyard, and community settings.

I’m so proud to deliver innovative initiatives and evidence-based strategies that engage students and meet their unique needs. The transformations I’ve seen in my clients are truly incredible; I’d love to support your family, too.”

   – Anna


“I definitely recommend Hello You.

Hello You provides a tailored approach to help our kids achieve their goals. Recently, we have had success with Hello You’s approach around toilet training. Our Therapist suggested an app on the iPad, something clicked, and he is now completely toilet trained!”

 — Melissa

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We’re ready to support your child with therapy that targets challenges related to speech and language, motor delays, social skills, and much more.