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The world of autism can be beautiful, powerful, and even come with a sense of wonder.
An empowering movement helping children with autism thrive.
Hello You exists to support children with autism and their families with therapy that’s flexible, motivating, and enjoyable. We also support children with Global Developmental Delay and co-existing diagnoses, which may be physical, mental, or developmental. From the initial assessment to the customised plan, we create focused therapy specific to each child’s needs, preferences, and personality.

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How we can support you, your child & your family

Early Childhood Intervention

  • Transdisciplinary play-based intervention, using the Early Start Denver Model Curriculum.
  • Capacity-building support for daily living skills e.g. eating, dressing, grooming and chores
  • Targeted therapy to support children in areas of need e.g. fussy eating, play skills, handwriting, communication, toileting, self-regulation
  • School readiness- following instructions, fine motor skills, sharing.
  • Inclusion support at school or daycare 


Occupational Therapy

  • Targeted therapy sessions for social skills, fine motor skills, daily living skills, self-regulation
  • Training of support workers, carers and parents
  • Recommendations and training of other professionals to support the child
  • Capacity-building support for parents or carers through Triple P Stepping Stones Primary Care to collaboratively develop a targeted parenting plan to suit their home environment and priorities
  • Capacity Building of caregivers or educators through training, coaching and collaboration in the education setting
  • Capacity Building of parents/carers to advocate for their child in the daycare/school environment.
  • Capacity Building through training of support workers.
  • Early Childhood Intervention

    • Vineland-3 Functional Capacity Assessments for home and school/daycare environments for developing targeted and well-scaffolded therapy plans using data.
    • Vineland-3 Functional Capacity Assessments and Interpretive Reports for NDIS review purposes providing data
    • Vineland-3 Functional Capacity Assessments Progress report to provide data about the efficacy of intervention or therapy provided.

    Occupational Therapy

    • Assessments of daily living skills as required.
    • Vineland-3 Functional Capacity Assessments for home and school/daycare environments for developing targeted and well-scaffolded therapy plans using data.
    • Vineland-3 Functional Capacity Assessments and Interpretive Reports for NDIS review purposes providing data
    •  Vineland-3 Functional Capacity Assessments Progress report to provide data about the efficacy of intervention or therapy provided.
  • Online group parenting program using Triple Stepping Stones Seminars Program 3 sessions of 1.5 hours each


    Triple P Stepping Stones Primary Care. Program for individual families. Develop a parenting plan in collaboration with the practitioner to suit your family and tweak it until it delivers results.

The practical stuff

Our sessions go for around 1 - 1.5 hours to allow for breaks and rewards. Sessions are held with the same Therapist each time.

We work alongside children aged 2 – 16 and support them across three broad areas — mental, social, and physical. You child might not need support with all of these, but here’s a breakdown of the areas we might focus on (most span more than one “main category”). All activities are age-appropriate and children can progress at their own pace.


  • Literacy & numeracy skills.
  • Thinking, logic, & problem-solving.
  • Daily living & self-care.
  • School readiness.


  • Language & communication skills.
  • Social skills & play skills.
  • Self-regulation.
  • Behaviour intervention & support.


  • Fine & gross motor skills.
  • Handwriting skills.
  • Self-care.

Here’s what makes us different

Our sessions go for around 1.5 hours and are held with the same Therapist each time. Our Therapists are transdisciplinary, which means they offer a range of tailored supports, and your child isn’t handed from person-to-person unnecessarily — which may be overstimulating for them. This allows us to form a strong bond with your child, build trust, and become a friend as well as a helper. However, if we feel your child isn’t progressing in a certain area, we’ll refer them to a trusted specialist who can offer more support.

  • We couldn’t do what we do without a strong partnership with families, other agencies, and people in the child’s support team (like their daycare carer or teacher). We work closely with the right people to provide the perfect blend of therapies. We also provide coaching for parents and other caregivers through Triple P Stepping Stones — an accredited one-on-one and Group Parent Training Course, as well as Inclusion Support at childcare or educational settings.
  • We celebrate every child’s uniqueness, strengths, and personality! Our passionate Therapists utilise each child’s strengths to help build the areas they need to work on, and create tailored learning plans that genuinely meet their needs and build life skills. More than just fun and games (but we do those too!), we engage  evidence-based strategies and new age initiatives that children actually enjoy engaging in.

  • Clinical environments can be extremely stimulating and overwhelming for a child with autism. That’s why we meet children and families where they feel comfortable — at home, school, daycare, or another special place they love. For example, if they feel safe and calm at the Zoo or Grandma’s house, we’ll happily hold a session there.

“Within a matter of weeks, Hello You changed our lives.

Our son used to escape at any opportunity, violently throw toys and have 3 – 4 meltdowns a day which last for over 30-minutes at a time. Leaving the house was scary; I was worried my son would hurt himself or someone else. Therapy sessions with other therapists were a waste as he would not be able to complete any requests or exercises. However, with Hello You, it was different.

Our Therapist set boundaries with my son and has helped him learn to complete everyday tasks. He is now out of nappies and will walk beside me and hold my hand in public. He is undressing himself and has stopped throwing toys and hurting others. He plays well with other children, and sits down to do learning exercises for 45 minutes at a time. He loves his sessions with Hello You and looks forward to them.

We are so thankful that Hello You has come into our lives. Their experience, compassion and dedication makes them exceptional therapists.”

 — Eva

NDIS Funding

We work with NDIS participants that are self-managed or plan-managed (we are not able to accept NDIA-managed clients at this time). All therapy is delivered at the hourly rate as per the

Functional Capacity Assessments

Functional Capacity Assessments can provide the evidence NDIS requires for change of circumstance, plan reviews or NDIS applications. Our services include a comprehensive assessment using Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales, Third Edition (Vineland-3) and an interpretive report. Assessments are conducted face to face or via Telehealth. Vineland-3 is one of the NDIS selected assessment tools which has been found to be most suitable to measure the functional capacity of an autistic person.


As a parent, these assessments are a painful reality to face. The FCA is the only one I believe has factually captured a true representation of my son’s life with Autism and the evidence is undeniable. Thank you for your gentle, professional and patient demeanour through this process. You made this difficult reality so much easier for me. Thank you! Jodi, July, 2022

Anna’s assistance in unpacking the functional needs for my daughter have been invaluable. NDIS requires evidence and an assessment of the complex facets of an autism diagnosis. Anna’s care and thoroughness, alongside input from parents and teachers, enabled us to request NDIS funding that equated to what we needed. Thank you (Christina, May 2022)

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